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  • Do you have a hobby? If so, what is it? I have two main hobbies, and those are writing and singing. I suppose you could just put them together and say my hobby is songwriting. But I love words and story-telling. When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a writer (still do) and so I created a story about my cats, my stuffed animals, and I traveling across the country and what we encountered along the way. But in the book, once we got home to California, I didn’t quite know how to end the book. But it would be cool to come up with an ending as an adult. In my little kid mind, I was convinced I would be a published author and beat the odds. I miss that without-a-doubt belief in myself.
  • How did you discover your interest in your hobby? Well, I grew up as an only child, and my parents worked a lot. I had my nanny/second mom with me, but I didn’t always have other kids around, so I kind of learned how to self-entertain. I made up a lot of stories in my mind, and I could escape to a world created by my imagination. Sometimes I would write these things down. I think the first short story I wrote was in elementary school when there was a creative writing contest being held. (The drawings are hilarious by the way.) I wish I knew where it was at the moment. But that was around the time I really started writing. I was always an avid reader. You would never find me without a book in hand.
  • Do you find having a hobby helps with maintaining your mental wellness? How so? Definitely. I feel like I would crack without music or writing. My first semester of nursing school, I was 100% school, and I wound up unhappy and wanting to quit nursing. I found out that it was because I didn’t have any outlets, and I wasn’t practicing self-care. So now, it is vital to take the time to blog and/or sing every single day. Blogging is therapy to me because I get to let my thoughts out and make sense of them as I write.
  • Where do you find materials for staying active with your hobby? Fortunately, my dad is a musician, so I grew up having a room in the house dedicated solely to music. So I had access to a piano, and a keyboard with fun sound effects. We also had a karaoke set-up. As for writing, I used to use journals for my short-stories and longer stories. Most of the time, the stories were created in my head, and they stayed there. Creating, acting them out- that was equally fun.
  • Have you ever considered monetizing your hobby? Or if you already do, do you still enjoy it as a hobby? There was a year where I dropped everything, took music classes, and just focused on singing. I did learn and improve a ton during that time. The reality is, though, I have ulcerative colitis, a chronic illness that requires frequent medical treatment, things like chemotherapy, and lots of medications. I couldn’t afford NOT to have health insurance, and I hated that I was in my twenties, a college grad, and still depending on my parents for help. It made me feel like I’d failed. So I knew I needed a full-time job in the long-term, and one that would also be fulfilling. As of now, I have this idea that I can work as a nurse 3 days a week, recover for a day, and then spend the other 3 days honing my musical skills. The goal IS to eventually get paid- to sing at weddings, or join a band and travel, or who knows? But Id also be perfectly content singing for free as long as people are listening. I haven’t given up on that dream, and as I like to say, we can be more than one thing.

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  1. Thanks, Christie for participating. I enjoyed learning more about your personal story. Chronic illness is not something I have to deal with and for those that do, I have the deepest empathy. It would’ve have been so awesome to have that story you had written in adulthood. I try and stress the importance of keeping those things that seem unimportant to my daughter. I try and collect them so she doesn’t dispose of them because she will enjoy them when she is older. My privacy was invaded in high school which prompted me to set fire to years of writing. I felt so betrayed and hurt. It took time for me to write again and still I wrote in code. My writings are scattered everywhere. I hope to collect them and put them in order one day.

    1. Aww thank you for your compassion for my illness. And that’s so great that you’re saving those for your daughter. I’m sure she’s going to really appreciate that once she gets older. And aww sorry that happened, sounds rough. It can be kind of nice to read old writings and see how our mindsets have changed over time.

      1. that’s so great! My family is like that with photos, and it’s just awesome to look back and reminisce. I need to do more of these sorts of things 🙂

      2. Don’t even get me started on photos….i have been an avid (novice) photographer my whole life. My most favorite are dead trees and dilapidated sheds/homes..and then when my daughter was born, I had a new subject. It’s funny though because I have a gap of about 5 years where I rarely took a photo. Looking back I can see that it was my depression.

      3. That’s so cool. And I’m sorry to hear that about the depression. It just sucks the joy out of the things once considered enjoyable. It’s just terrible, so I can relate… But I am happy to hear that you have picked it back up again, and yes your daughter is definitely the absolute perfect subject. 🙂 <3

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